Project Conflict Resolution

Project delivery pressures can lead to conflict situations that hinder progress and cause stress. Many of these situations are caused by a mismatch of expectations or simple misunderstandings.

Independent project facilitation gets people thinking how to prevent conflict on projects or helps resolve conflict by ‘oiling the wheels’ and getting people back on track with the right conversations.

Project conflict resolution services can be used during the project lifecycle to establish measures to prevent conflicts arising. It can also be used to resolve conflicts without the need for costly formal dispute resolution processes.

Idea Partners project conflict resolution services can be used in a wide range of situations including conflicts between organisations, teams or team members.

  • Benefits of our project conflict resolution service include:
  •  Brings ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to situation
  • Parties participate in problem solving
  • Relatively quick & cost effective
  • Saves executives time sorting issues
  • Builds longer term relationships

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